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2020.09.26 04:46 bluebellberry Fandom/Historical RP Partner Search

Hi there! I’m a 23 year old F looking for any partner that is willing to play a male. I’d like a partner who is literate and plays in third person, and who writes about a paragraph for each reply. I am willing to double if that is something you would desire.
I typically stick to fandom based RPs, but I would be interested in a historical RP as well. Below I have listed the fandoms I and characters I like to play, as well as some historical periods that interest me.
Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Sansa Stark, Catelyn Stark, Margaery Tyrell, Myrcella Baratheon, Lyanna Stark, Elia Martell, Wynafred or Wylla Manderly, Jeyne Westerling and various OCs.
Harry Potter Hermione Granger, Nymphadora Tonks, Andromeda Tonks, Narcissa Malfoy, Astoria Greengrass, Helena Ravenclaw, Lily Luna Potter, Rose Weasley, OCs
Avatar: The Last AirbendeLoK Katara, Suki, Asami, Opal, Ty Lee, OCs
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Calypso, Annabeth, Clarisse, OCs***
I haven’t read these books in a while so I would certainly be a bit rusty, but I’m definitely willing to give it a go.
Historical Periods Renaissance Italy, Tudor England, Regency, Edwardian England, Gilded age, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece.
Shoot me a PM if you’re interested!
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2020.09.22 11:58 Bennettchan18 Opinion: CJ shouldn’t have been added

Opinion: CJ should never have been added
First of all, i’m not against Camp Jupiter in any sort of way. I’m even the moderator of a subreddit on them, which is (allegedly- according to one of our mods who contacted these mods) a partner of camphalfblood, sanfrancampjupiter. They’re great, better then the greeks imo (unpopular opinion and downvotes start coming in, at least here).
However, Rick really spoiled the CHB feel by adding the romans to it. Like, in TLO they were so strong and together, planning where to defend, where to attack, summoning help, forming battle plans, etc. But in BoO they’re just like, “Greeks, let’s go! Fight stuff!” And that turns out to be the theme for the HoO series. Wildly disorganised, even Jason admits it as compared to the romans. (Now imo Jason committed treason for believing the greeks and “turning to the other side”, so he deserved to get punishment. [ToA spoilers for burning maze ahead] Which he did...). This is just a lot of contrast to the original books where everything is thought out. From what i see, Rick didn’t intend it to have a CJ side when he wrote the first selection of books. He could have made them more disorganised, more split up, more individual. But he didn’t. That’ why there’s such a huge difference comparing CHB from PJO and HoO.
The other reason is that CJ gets pushed off. Widely known as “equals”, they’re still not considered as equals to CHB. CHB gets a cool explanation book ( CHB confidential) with different stories and famaliar characters, e.g. annabeth, percy, nico. But in CJ Classified, we’re introduced to an all new list of characters, with barely any of the touch of CHB-C. Furthermore, all the powerful characters (Percy, Jason, Nico, Annabeth i guess?) are at CHB whereas the only powerful ones are Reyna, Frank & Hazel. All of these characters (save Reyna) while not be not disliked, are not preferable to many people. Add that to Piper and Leo also at CHB and you’re quick to realise that CJ has a disadvantage.
Thus, CJ shouldn’t have been added.
Tl;dr: Thus, to keep the feel, CJ should’nt have been added. You’ll have to read the top to find out why!
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2020.09.15 21:02 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 58 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art
Teaser: Frances and her friends have forced their way across the abyss and into Freeburg's Fourth Courtyard, but the fight isn't over yet.
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 57] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Chapter 59=>]
[Map of Durannon]
This chapter was pre-read by u/totallyundescript.
Birds-eye view of Freeburg Fortress.
Want to hang? Join the Discord Community!
Spells and bullets filled the air, a chorus of angry mosquitos regularly punctuated by the crack of guns. Keeping their heads low, Frances and her friends made their way across the roof of the Fourth Courtyard’s building.
The Fourth Courtyard’s main building was pinned to Freeburg’s western wall and had a tent-like red brick roof. From where she was, Frances could see Nicole’s company fighting the orc forces on the Fourth Courtyard’s northern wall.
George, commander of the Bravo group of fighters, ran up to Frances as she approached. “We’re clearing that wall, but there are still orcs in the building. We need you to get in there and start clearing it.”
Frances glanced around. She had Martin, Elizabeth and three fighters. She recognized them as Annabeth, a lanky redhead very handy with her spear. Jack, a dark and bored-looking, though very collected, swordsman, and Sam, who always had a winning smile, even while whacking people with her glaive. Frances considered asking George to pull some Otherworlders from those attacking the Northern wall. However, a quick glance at the situation made her realize that her command was fully engaged.
There was some good news. Enough orcs had been killed that some rangers and Otherworlders trapped against the cliff could now force their way toward the building behind shimmering magic shields. But most were still pinned by the musket balls and spells that spat from the structure.
“Okay, George. Just be sure to reinforce us after you clear the walls,” Frances said.
Frances, Martin, and by extension their study partner Elizabeth, had made sure to study the layout of the buildings. This was how they knew about a rooftop doorway into the building and also why they entered it with caution. The orcs had had a week to occupy Freeburg, they might know about the entrance.
The orcs had indeed guarded the entrance with a squad, but a combination of Frances’s magic and the speed and skill of the Otherworlders had allowed them to breach through the wooden door and cut down the orcs guarding it without anybody getting hurt.
A few escaped however, and so, immediately after the breach, things got tricky.
The orcs seemed to have anticipated at least the possibility of losing the walls. Frances reached the side windows, only to find the shooting galleries empty. They’d pulled away. That left Frances and her team cautiously roaming the fortress, searching for their opponents. They were quickly joined by a bloody and sweaty Baroness Igraine. She was followed by the rest of her assault force, who had been able to finally enter the building. Upon the sight of Frances, Igriane rather uncharacteristically hugged her tightly, before demanding a report.
Blushing, Frances gave a run down of what had happened and Igraine nodded frowning. “Good. Now the only question is where the hell is the rest of them?”
A ranger ran up to Igraine, “Ma’m, we found them. They barricaded themselves in the main barracks and are refusing to surrender.”
Igraine blinked and followed her man, and so did Frances. They all arrived at a long corridor that ended at two double doors, open to reveal orcs kneeling with muskets, ready to fire once they stepped into range.
“Frances, Jessica, cover me,” Igraine ordered as she stepped forward.
Frances froze as Jessica also stepped in behind Igraine. She looked tired, and a bandage had been wrapped around her head. It was at that moment that Frances realized that she and her former bully looked just as nervous of each other.
“Are you alright?” Frances asked the awkward silence.
“I’m fine. Just a cut.” Jessica swallowed and turned away, following Igraine.
The three walked down the corridor. Although they remained far out of effective musket range, Frances was ready to fire back if necessary. She wasn’t sure why Igraine had called out Jessica, though.
“Warchief Helias, your orcs are outnumbered and have no way to escape. Surrender or be killed where you stand!” Igraine ordered.
Frances flinched at the threat and the dreadful possibility. She didn’t want to kill all the orcs. But what if they refused. They’d have to be crazy to refuse—
“Then we will die where we stand!” retorted a voice from behind the wall of musketeers.
Frances groaned, but oddly enough, Igraine frowned, turned on her heel and moved back toward the rest of their group.
“Frances, did you or your forces notice anything else odd or out of place when you attacked?” Igraine inquired.
“Aside from the whole fortress being booby-trapped and our way blocked? No.”
Igraine groaned and steepled her fingers. “There’s something off about this whole thing. Helias brought down Freeburg by treachery. He somehow managed to get the garrison to give the fortress to him. That requires a certain degree of intelligence and cunning, so why not surrender now? His plan to kill us has completely fallen apart.”
Nearby, Elizabeth coughed, “Um, Master Igraine, we never actually found the garrison.”
The baroness sighed. “Damn, they must have disposed of them. I know not all of the thousand soldiers here were traitors, but if they booby trapped the fortress they probably didn't want anybody alive to find out how extensively they did.”
“Why do we think the garrison betrayed us anyway?” Jessica asked. Frances glanced at her former bully, finding it very odd that she had such a respectful tone.
“Because there’s no possible way a fortress this well-defended with a garrison of over five hundred simply fell without warning,” Igraine said matter-of-factly. “That and they knew our plan somehow so they must have a way to insert traitors into our ranks.”
“Also, they only seem to have five hundred orcs here,” Martin guessed. “If they had more orcs they would have garrisoned the other Courtyards and prevented us from reinforcing Baroness Igraine. With such a small force they needed a traitor to take Freeburg.”
“Could they even hold Freeburg with such a small force, though?” Elizabeth asked.
Igraine blinked. “Oh motherfucking hell. Rangers, stay here and guard the barracks! You—” the baroness gestured to Martin, Frances, Elizabeth and the Otherworlders, “—to the northern wall! NOW!”
The Fourth Courtyard’s walls were substantially taller than the Fifth Courtyard’s walls, and that let everybody see what was approaching Freeburg.
Orcs, far as the eye can see, were marching down the pass. A tide of dark green, banners waving, clad in armor, engulfed the stone-cut road. The air was filled with the crunch of boots on gravel.
“Oh God,” Elizabeth whispered, eyes wide.
Jessica swallowed. “We need to get out of here.”
Frances glared at her former bully, but there was no time. “Martin, any suggestions?”
“On how to get out—”
“No, for holding Freeburg.” Frances turned to her knight friend, wondering why he sounded so frail and nervous. “We can’t get out, Martin. The bridge is booby-trapped. We can perhaps go back up the cliffs but there are too many of us.”
Igraine nodded. “Frances is right. Our only chance is to hold Freeburg, though, I don’t like our odds.” The baroness began to bark out orders, her voice ringing over the clamour. Slowly, the rangers and the Otherworlder heroes began to move, taking positions on the walls of the Fourth and Fifth Courtyards.
Yet, there was an undercurrent of fear that ran through the ranks. Frances could even see it in her friends. Martin tried to hide it with a forced smile. Elizabeth tried to conceal it behind a forced smile. But years of trying to conceal her own sorrow and pain allowed Frances to see it all too easily.
What she didn’t get was why was everybody so scared. Or to be more exact, she didn’t understand why she felt so calm in the face of the orc horde. But there was no time to wonder that.
She jumped and spun to see Igraine standing beside her by the parapet. “Yes, ma’am?”
“Do you have any ideas? I can see they have siege ladders and way too many bows for my liking.”
Frances stared at the baroness for a moment, hearing the only somewhat-disguised desperation in her voice. Although unsettled by Igraine’s tone, Frances had been thinking about the problem they were facing.
“Can we get a few mages up to the clifftop?”
Igraine nodded. “To shoot down at them?”
“No. I want to collapse as much of that cliff onto them.” With the cliff face so sheer, carved through by some waterfall that once cut its way through the mountains, Frances suspected enough magicians could collapse part of the cliff face onto the road, blocking it.
Igraine frowned. “We’ll block off this road.”
“We’ll lose Freeburg if we don’t.”
“Very true.” Igraine paused and grimaced. “Frances, the two of the most powerful mages I have are Jessica and Leila. Can you command them?”
Frances shut her eyes and forced herself to slowly exhale. “I think so.”
“Don’t worry. It won’t be just you and them. Now get to the ropes! Martin, you’re in command.”
“Yes ma’am!” he exclaimed. Igraine was already leaving, shouting more orders. The knight turned to Frances. “Are you sure you’re alright?”
“I’ll be fine. I have to be.” Frances glanced between her friends. “Please… stay safe.”
“We will,” Elizabeth said, and while her smile was forced, Frances nevertheless felt a bit comforted by it. Impulsively, she grabbed both Elizabeth and Martin in a tight hug. For she knew that if she failed she might not see her friends again. They both returned the embrace.
The sound of arrows whistling through the air cut it short, and they began to run. There was no time to waste.
The Rangers and Otherworlders that had attacked the Fourth Courtyard had used several long ropes to descend down the cliff face. There didn’t seem any easy way to get up the cliff face, however. Frances was contemplating trying to climb up the ropes when Igraine, Jessica, Leila and three other mages arrived.
“Right, Frances is in charge of this mission. You need to collapse the cliffside onto the orc army. Secure yourselves tightly please and once you’re done, tug on the ropes three times when you’re ready to be pulled up.” And like that Igraine was gone, running back to the walls.
“You heard her. Let’s go.” Frances recognized Leila and Jessica of course, but she also noticed Nicole, the commander of her other mage group, with them.
Thankfully, one of the things Igraine had taught Frances was how to tie good knots, so she managed to fashion a secure harness that went around her arms and legs. She used that extra time to check on the harnesses of her fellow heroes. This was a good thing because Nicole, as it turned out, had no clue how to make one.
To her annoyance, Jessica and Leila had already given their ropes a yank and were being pulled up, albeit, slowly. Frances and the rest of her group soon followed them, but it reminded Frances of how self-centered her former bullies were.
When they reached the top, the Erisdalian Rangers left behind pulled them over the ledge. Jessica and Leila were nowhere to be seen.
“They ran over there,” said the rangers, pointing along the cliffside. Frances thanked them, undid her harness and ran over.
Jessica and Leila were pointing their wands in the ground and reciting Words of Power. Frances waited until they finished their casting, watching as bolts of energy slammed into the ground, creating a hole. There were several more forming a line running from the cliff edge.
“What’s your plan, and how can we help?” Frances inquired.
Jessica’s expression was full of wariness, but she didn’t brush the question off. “My dad was an industrial engineer. We need to drill holes into the cliff at an angle so they come out of the face. We’ll then slam down with our magic to break it off.”
Frances nodded. She didn’t know if that would work. Her original idea was to pry rocks from the side and just throw them down until they were a pile high enough to block the road. Still, this seemed like a faster idea.
“Alright, let’s do it then.”
Martin parried his opponent’s spear and turned it into a cut at the orc’s hand. His sword severed fingers and as the orc howled, the knight hacked into his enemy’s neck.
Behind him, Elizabeth was smashing an orc trying to come over the walls with her shield. He went flying back screaming, but another one soon quickly came to replace him.
The knight grimaced as he engaged another orc. Under normal circumstances, they’d be able to hold Freeburg’s walls quite easily. They did have almost a hundred and fifty Otherworlder heroes and two companies of Erisdalian Rangers.
Except, while a miraculous many of them had survived the initial assault on Freeburg, the Rangers were completely exhausted from the earlier fighting and most of the Otherworlder mages were too.
A spear flew into the orc Martin was fighting, dropping her. Turning, the knight found Elizabeth shooting him a weak smile.
“Fall back to the Fourth Courtyard!” Igraine bellowed over the clangour.
Cursing, Martin bellowed. “You heard her! Everybody fall back!”
“Mages, archers! Covering fire and smoke! HURRY!” Elizabeth added. Martin wasn’t sure when she’d become his de-facto second in command, but he didn’t mind. Elizabeth seemed to have good instincts.
But good instincts weren’t going to save them from the impending disaster. If they lost the Fourth Courtyard, all they had was the Third Courtyard. There, they’ll be backed up against a bridge they couldn’t cross, and the enemy would be reinforced by the surviving orcs they’d bottled up in the barracks.
Martin glanced up at the cliffside. Frances had to come through, and he was pretty sure she would.
But the increasing possibility of her failing scared him.
Frances stepped back and wiped her brow. All the holes were drilled and they were on the right side of the weakened section of the cliff. It formed this rough semi-circle more than a hundred meters in radius.
“What’s next?” she asked.
Jessica narrowed her eyes at Frances. “We hit the top with everything we got, all at once.”
“Would it not be better to try to lever it out? Go for a more controlled break?” Frances asked. She rubbed the ground with one boot. “The cliff isn’t entirely solid rock. There’s dirt and boulders intermixed in here and so it’s not so stable.”
At this suggestion, Jessica frowned in thought. Leila however, scoffed, “We don’t have time. Come on!” She started to yell out words of power, her wand glowing as she formed a spell.
Frances wanted to order Leila to wait, but she didn’t want to interrupt her in the middle of her casting. Instead, she barked out an order for everybody else to back away a little more and start casting themselves.
“When everybody is ready, hit the cliff section on my mark!” Frances exclaimed, making sure she was a good few feet away from the weakened section. She noticed Jessica moving her friend a bit farther away before she started casting.
Soon, the air was humming with power, imbued by word and song, as the six mages prepared their spells.
“Now!” Frances called out. She ended her song, the visual of a hammer of force smashing down onto the entire cliff section, making the ground shake. More spells activated, with varying effects. She saw a purple fist, the colour of Nicole’s magic, slamming into the ground. She saw a fireball like conflagration erupt atop the section. She saw no more because the ground underneath her heaved with the impacts and Frances fell backward. She pulled herself up and immediately began to scramble backward.
The cliff section was breaking off, sliding down like a massive anvil, but, it wasn’t only the rocks and dirt isolated by the drilled holes that slid down. As in slow motion, the ground at the edge was crumbling away, falling into the abyss.
Frances didn’t even need to scream an order to run, everybody was trying to get away as quickly as possible. Still, the edge of the abyss chased them, cracks forming in the dirt snaking toward them, pieces of rock and boulder crumbling away.
When the dust settled, Frances sprang to her feet and looked around. One, three, five… there was someone missing.
Elizabeth heard the crack-boom of the cliff face going, but didn’t look up, unlike her startled opponent. She took the opportunity to down the orc with a brutal strike from her hammer. Only then did she look up.
Just in time to see a wave of rock, dirt and scree strike the roadway before the entrance to Freeburg. Orcs who were once waiting to storm into the fortress disappeared, buried by rock. Others were swept off into the abyss by the tide of thundering rock. It continued to rain grey rock and tan dirt for what seemed like forever. And even when the rumbling clatter stopped, a cloud of dust continued to rise.
The road was thoroughly blocked off by a pile of scree and debris taller than the highest wall on the fortress.
“By Amura and Rathron, she did it!” Elizabeth heard Martin gasp. She could hear similar cheers from the humans in Freeburg. The orcs on the other hand, stood stunned silent.
Elizabeth took that silence as an opportunity. Running up to the nearest orc, she raised her hammer and yelled, “Surrender now! Drop your weapons!”
The orc stared at her, and she glared back, unblinking. She knew her hammer was coated with a thin sheen of blood. She didn’t want to keep soaking it.
The orc, who Elizabeth suddenly realized was her height, and couldn’t be older than she was, shut his eyes and dropped his two axes to the ground.
“Thank you,” she rasped, as more demands for surrender rang out through the fortress.
Frances ran to the edge but didn’t put her foot on it. She had no idea how stable the cliff was. Instead, she lay down on the ground and crawled to the edge.
The section that had fallen sloped down toward the road, which Frances could see was now blocked. On this slope of dirt and rock, hung Leila, clinging desperately to a too-small white-grey rock.
“Help!” Leila screamed. Frances raised her wand, pointed at her former bully, and paused.
There was nobody here with them. At least for this brief second. With a whisper, she could make Leila slip.
Frances immediately shook her head and began to sing, pulling Leila up and towards safety. A desperate looking Jessica quickly added her magic to Frances’s efforts and soon all three were sprawled on the cliff’s edge.
“Thanks,” Leila gasped, sounding oddly sincere.
“You’re welcome.” Frances swallowed and hesitated, but she knew if she didn’t say it now, there would be no other time. “And I’m sorry. About… snapping on you and trying to get you banished home.”
There was no reply and as Frances watched her two former bullies, she saw two very different expressions form on their faces.
Leila’s expression darkened. She rose to her feet and strode away from the cliff, not looking back.
Jessica looked helpless at her friend’s back, before sighing and standing up to leave. Frances felt her shoulders slump, though, she didn’t know why. This was what she expected after all. She grimaced, bitter resentment rising from the fact that Jessica and Leila still hadn’t apologized for what they did to her—
“I’m sorry.”
Frances looked up and stared. Jessica’s moist eyes met hers. It felt like the pair were far away, an impossible chasm between them. A weight, a cloying pressure of pain and awkwardness choked out any further attempts at speaking.
Yet, for a moment, Frances felt like Jessica had seen her and she’d seen something change in her former bully’s anguished features. For the apology her former bully had said was sincere. Woefully inadequate for all the abuse she’d inflicted, but it was an apology.
And just like that, it was over. Jessica had turned to follow Leila. Frances was left alone, exhausted.
Still, somehow Frances felt… good, like another burden that had weighed her down for so long, had fallen off her shoulders.
Author's Note: Ah... you're going to hate me next chapter. Needless to say, Jessica and Leila will make an unwanted appearance later in this story.
I don't really have an update question, but I do want to reflect on this kinda crazy this journey I've been on with writing A Fractured Song. I started writing this story in January-ish 2020, though, my first thoughts and notes on the story were as early as December 2019. Crazily enough Fractured Song was originally a Kingdom Building Isekai story. Frances was much the same, and Edana was very similar too, but it started off with the Demon King dead and Frances trying to rebuild this county devastated by the war.
Only... I scrapped this version of A Fractured Song, then called Chronicles of a Mage Queen ten-thousand words in because I couldn't figure out why and how Frances would act this way, without knowing her history and her journey in this world.
Thus, what started as a bunch of backstory notes became the skeleton for A Fractured Song which grew and grew into well... this.
Thank you for supporting me and being on this journey with me. It's been a pleasure writing for you all and I hope to continue to do so! Cheers! And as always, feel free to ask me any questions.
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2020.08.19 18:03 Not-a-master69 After another month (I think) entry 2 of my dream journal is here!

Let’s just jump straight into it!
Note: for those who don’t know
Day 34: had a cotton candy. Further caramelized by a laziness to log my dream
Day 35: null. Lack of sleep is a bitch
Day 36: there were a bunch of perfectly cut screams, but there was absolutely no volume. Like, when you forget to press the little volume thing on a video so now you’re watching a video in deafening silence
Day 37: the first part was some sort of simplistic videogame, and also some kind of Doki Doki Literature Club thing. I remember because I found, uuuh, “chalecos”. Yeah I’m not an english speaker
The second part, we could choose superpowers for school, but the names were weird and complicated. I chose one that was something like the definition of an “Instrumental goal” which is basically benefit for oneself but not for others (I JUST learned that). It ended up allowing me to fly and do telekinesis stuff. But then something happened to someone up the street so we had to stop. I became kinda aware at that point.
After that, my parents put me in some sort of convertible and we drove to the beach (which is impossible because the closest beach is like 4 hours away `_(ツ)_/´). We went to a sorta market, I found more chalecos, and we went back.
Day 38: there was a sort of movie, where we I was a girl for some reason and we hid from a nuke in an impossibly long stereotypical dumpster behind a beach house. Anyways this was some lunatic’s house, and he kept attempting to kill us with superhuman strength by ripping the doors off cars and throwing them at us or using them as big swords. We ran away, there were some purple spikes that did poison damage, the lunatic was immune, and so my little brother (completely different person idk) and I fused into the big dinosaur from Ben 10 (Mungosaurio in Spanish, idk). I kid you not, that is something that I genuinely remember. Anyways we tried killing the fucker, ultimately failed, and got devoured below Jupiter in the night sky.
Call bullshit if you want, but this dream journal already has plenty of weird dreams, namely the Toy Story X Space Odyssey X Wall-E dream. Btw, I haven’t had any premonition dreams since we went on vacation. That’s my place of birth, maybe it has something to do???
Day 39: cotton candy
Day 40: null
Day 41: I didn’t have a dream for the most part, but I remember that at one point my dad just magically came in and cleaned my phone’s and laptop’s screens with a screen cleaner we have.
Edit: Nevermind, I was reading G.O.H and I just reached a scene that I saw in my dream. God, are premonition dreams future-telling or just my brain fucking with me
Day 42: something pregnancy, dogs, and a bus stop. I don’t know where the first and third entries came from, but I have two ideas regarding the second. Either way, my brain said that touching a pregnant woman’s belly is bad
Day 43: there was funnily shaped silverware, martial arts that weren’t actually martial arts, and some guys that did... something. They sounded a bit like my voice of reason, but the topic is cotton candy.
Day 44: imagine your school, except everyone can summon giant pet monster things or people, your backpack is tiny because there’s no notebook or classes, and death comes every day to kill infected people. This one was really damn detailed.
Start the day at home, I’m getting ready for school and I grab a backpack that would only really fit a lunch box and two notebooks. Anyways, my dog does something (she’s a corgi, it’s relevant), my dad says we go to the car, and our dog insists to go with us. I go to school, see some fellow students, and we go on. Day 1 was meet the teacher day, and it was also for getting used to the school. Our parents came with us. That’s when I discovered my Borrowed Power (yeah GOH got to me) and I chose a lame-ass green dragon, the traditional Chinese type. After that I tried to fly with it but failed. My friend and I also saw some threads but didn’t know their meaning. Day 2 consisted of more school, and apparently I had a female friend??? Also, we saw that some bugs and threads were going to (and ultimately killed) some students. We tried escaping through a sorta basketball/softball court (like that one image in Toradora!) and escaped, except someone wanted to touch me, I tripped, and there was a password that I had previously set. Day 3 was basically everyone looking at me either weird or in admiration because “how can you be so calm?” To which I answered “I wasn’t calm. But I had to get ahold of myself” which makes no sense now that I think of it. Anyways, someone also says “your dog is tiny” with a smile, so they probably saw her when my dad dropped me off. I went to the bathroom, for some reason it was Unisex yet there was a dedicated men’s section, and also a random girl that left last year left. Anyway the bathroom was horrible. Not because it was dirty, but because of many aspects: 1. The so-called “urinals” were actually like some of those water spray things used to water plants 2. There were no drains and yet the water never rose level and it never stunk 3. There was no privacy in the “urinals” and I could possibly see a random guy’s dong without trying. The walls that DID exist barely reached my neck 4. Did I mention it was Unisex. Girls could also barge in for some reason which made it all the more uncomfortable. Anyway the moment I died of shame because some random girl saw (or nearly saw) my parts is probably when the dream stopped. There were definitely more intricacies but I mostly forgot.
Throughout the dream my ability to fly and control Mr. Dragon got progressively better. That’s another small detail I remembered a few days after it happened.
Day 45: cotton candy
Day 46: cotton candy
Day 47: cotton candy. Also premonition section thing.
Day 48: yet another cotton candy. Is my brain failing me or does my memory need to recharge after such a detailed dream?
Day 49: the dream seemed like a sort of game, Metroidvania style, similar to Hollow Knight. The character was tall and slim, and it had basically pincers for hands. Attacking also had a weird system for attacking, where you could only indirectly deal damage by bouncing bullets or something.
Day 50: it happened in my school, but it was in the same mood as the funky superpower school, minus the GP. It was raining, and to get to the school we had to be, like, not infected by big Corona? By the time I got to the main staircase, it was filled to the brim and I wasn’t having any of it, so I took route 2 to realize that the staircase had turned infinite for some reason, so I just jumped across staircases (which weren’t there before) and I reached a big meeting room. Did I mention we COULDN’T bring backpacks this specific day, it was a sorta meeting about important stuff. Anyways, I got there, saw my friend, and we chilled behind a couch. Then some projector screen turned on and someone was playing Mario & Luigi Partners in Time in their DS(I started replaying it recently)
The interface was different, squarer in a way. And they were in a completely unknown area.
Another thing: you remember that really long dream I had a few days ago? The start of that dream was for the most part identical to the start of this one, so this might end up turning into a recurring area.
Day 51: The dream was the unholy agglomeration between Sky and Avatar, and there was a weird circle that looked like the cat-looking thing from Kirby Superstar. It was a sort of drama about what the dead could say to the living or something, and many embarrassing stuff came out so there was a fight at some point. Also there were giant turtles!
Day 52: cotton candy, although I remember that I didn’t delete my history in the dream or something sooo
Day 53: it was a weird dream. Basically my school had been turned into a 2D puzzle platformer where the entire back of the school didn’t exist. The first person to reach some random box somewhere got the chance to escape somewhere, don’t know why. Anyways, an old man had an airplane and we could only escape if we achieved mastery of the controls, except the test used a car instead of an airplane. I succeeded, so I got to escape.
Afterwards, there was a sort of minimalistic map, and we saw Russian political prisoners escaping by rolling down the snowy mountains. Did I mention that I had a little sister for some reason?
Day 54: the spooky weird Siena filter school is back! This time, we needed pins to enter the school, and it was also a mix between the school that I went to when I lived in CDMX, and my current school. I, of course, didn’t have the pin, so I just stayed sat there in a staircase until I guess I magically teleported to the hall. After that there was homeroom, we did stuff, and idk, the dream kinda ended there, probably got so lame I forgot. I’ve noticed that previous to these dreams there will be a section where my parents go “wake up, school started again!” and I physically feel tired and stuff. Maybe I’m worried for back-to-school, or I’m anxious. Either way, the weird Siena filter school is probably here to stay for at least one more week.
Day 55: null
Day 56: rather than a single dream, this was a series of five, mostly incohesive dreams.
1/5: I was in a sorta big room, and I kept reliving it or going there, idk. Each time, I ended up talking more and more with two friends that I barely talk to.
2/5: There was a sort of hospital, of similar architecture to the weird big room with my friends. Then something broke and now there’s toxic dust everywhere. I volunteered to help, they gave me a hazmat suit, and we went for water hoses, where we proceeded to fight over which hose would be better for cleaning the mess up.
3/5: it was a sorta video game. The thing I remember most was surfing over a fire dragon with poison. This video game was also being highly awaited in the dream, even though it didn’t exist.
4/5: this was for some reason after the second dream: there were a bunch of people in Sky, they put on a campfire, and chatted with each other. I was there for some reason. I’d like to mention that typing and reading took a hell of a while, which might’ve helped me transition to a lucid dream. Alas, I didn’t.
5/5: apparently representatives of our shitty president AMLO were going from home to home doing… stuff. They came to ours, which was apparently a priviledge, and we received them a bit. I caught COVID the dream-day after, and it felt a bit like shit, not gonna lie. I felt the shivery-hot, my throat was sore as fuck, like, drinking a whole gallon and being thirsty levels of sore. My body ached, and I was sneezing and coughing constantly. I don’t know if those are the symptoms, but my dream body says that that’s how it feels.
Day 57: cotton candy. The premise of the dream was a weird version of RPGs
Day 58: null
Day 59: one part was a sort of Minecraft game, except it was buggy as fuck so if you dug dirt in certain places you’d just fall straight off the world. There were also other players and there was a sort of prize. The second part was sort of two different videogames, where you had to make different choices to go forward, but dying was a necessary part to get progress, as there was no way to investigate or interrogate to find clues. Finally, there was a kind of cooking competition, some characters looked oddly like a mix from the girls in Nagatoro and the students from class 1-A in MHA. Also Senku was there, making what looked to be a single, very long brownie. That’s about where it ended
PS: I just remembered that, at some point, there was a part were I was told my dog had to be put down. Her back legs stopped working, and yet she was so excited to still be with us. I nearly cried remembering that part.
PS.2: I had another premonition dream, about a specific situation I had while playing Phantom Forces w/ my brother (we took turns to play for some reason)
Day 60: I recently started re-reading Percy Jackson. It’s been fun. Anyways, the dream I remember most vividly was a sort of inception, where Percy had a nightmare about Annabeth falling in love with a sphere (sort of how the guy from Portal fell in love with the companion cube). After that he got teased by Ares Girl.
The others are just a kind of mess. The first was a hiking minigame in Wii Sports Resort, where it was raining and you had to wait and interact with NPCs. The other part was a sort of basketball game that we were watching, apparently on the same trail I started in the previous part. That’s about as much as I remember.
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2020.08.11 20:47 TheMattInTheBox Why Jason and Piper's Relationship Doesn't Work (Which Makes Me Like it)

So, spoilers for HoO and ToA incoming! If you haven't read those books, don't keep reading! I don't want to spoil ya.
Okay, so to preface this, I really like Jason and Piper as characters. I know some people think Jason is kinda bland (I feel that in TLH, but I think he's pretty great when we get to BoO) and some people don't like Piper. But I do! And even still, I feel like their relationship doesn't work (which is good, but more on that in a second).
Ultimately, not every couple is Percy and Annabeth. Most of em are gonna be messy, because teenagers are messy. Teenagers already have doubts about themselves and that can bleed into relationships. You can really care about someone and not want to/be able to date them, because you have your own stuff to deal with, which I think is exactly what happened with Jason and Piper.
Both had their own individual baggage they needed to deal with, which lead to Piper's emotional confusion in HoO, which eventually lead to their break-up not long before The Burning Maze. I feel like it's very true to life, and in a franchise that mostly has each character find their partner and not stray from that relationship (or be shunted off to join the Hunters), it feels realistic to have a break-up. Piper, in my opinion, made a mature choice, and I like that it was shown in the books.
Now, I also want to talk about expectations, which is something Piper mentioned to Apollo in Burning Maze. Piper and Jason were basically forced together by Hera, the goddess of marriage, with the expectation that they would, y'know, get married. I really like this, and really like how it's thematically consistent with Piper (and Jason, but Piper first).
Piper is someone who has found herself with expectations thrust upon her. Her mother is the goddess of beauty and love, and when she meets her cabinmates in Lost Hero, there's expectations that come with her parentage. She resists against it, and ultimately, pushes back against the expectations of the Aphrodite cabin. In doing so, she pushes back against the stereotype of Aphrodite children by becoming a capable warrior.
That's why I love her choice to break up with Jason. Piper has found herself by working against the expectations that people expect her to meet, whether it be Drew or Hera. So when she makes the choice to not be with Jason because she discovers it's not what she wants, and she's been with him partly due to Hera's expectations, I think it's a really important step on her journey of self-discovery.
And now Jason. Jason's story is all about expectations as well, so I won't dwell to much on it. He chafed against Roman expectations and was able to somewhat escape those expectations by staying at Camp Half-Blood, post-BoO (though he would be travelling back and forth).
Jason, from what we've seen, still loves Piper and he probably didn't wanna break up (sorry dude), but I also think the break-up works for Jason, but in a much sadder way.
Jason essentially escaped the Roman expectations put on him and was able to find himself by having the chance to be himself without all that pressure. The Romans are all about duty, and Jason was able to escape it. Not to say he's not noble or anything, but the Greeks are more individualistic rather than the Romans "sacrifice and duty for the greater good" kinda deal.
The break-up for Jason, in my opinion, is tragic because even when he is happy, he finds himself being tried against the expectations put on him (by Hera), and it costs him his relationship. It shows that no matter where he goes (whether it be New Rome, or Camp Half-Blood, where he thought he escaped) there will be always expectations put on him. And tragically, we find that is exactly the case, when he sacrifices himself for the greater good (both for Piper, but also so Apollo may remember the importance and fragility of mortal life), meeting the expectations of a Roman soldier and hero.
So obviously, none of this.. important I guess. It's all just subtext I kinda picked up throughout my recent re-read that makes me appreciate the Burning Maze more. This is all my opinions and personal thoughts, and I'd love to hear what you think about it. I may edit this as I read it over again, because I'm not 100% sure this isn't just rambling nonsense, but all my edits will be marked below this. Thanks for reading all this if you made it through lol
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2020.08.03 10:29 Brawl_nOyOu Can we all stop reducing characters/relationships to one or two particular trait(s) or trope(s), and defining them by it, causing annoyance or possibly even hatred for that character/relationship?

Actually, for individual characters it happens mostly to the main protagonists. For example, Katara is reduced to "My mother used to..." and a "mom figure" to Aang, whereas Aang is "immature", whereas I see many posts on Sokka and Zuko, the highly upvoted comments having so much more positivity towards those two compared to Katara and Aang. Without mentioning their relationship, even as individual characters they have personalities which shouldn't be reduced to only "motherly" or "immature", despite them being true to an extent.
Not that it's a really big problem, but somehow, it kinda influences the way other people think of the character, especially if they haven't re-watched the series, leading to the voices of those who are against those characters to be much louder than those who love the characters.
The same can be applied to relationships, canon or non-canon. Canonicity shouldn't be an argument, although it can and probably should be used against those campaigning for a non-canon thing to be canon if the majority prefers the original canon.
Like, let's say. The "opposites attract" trope for Zuko and Katara? It's only an "opposites attract" because of their elements. You know what else are opposites? Aang's personality, being much more child-like and needing to take up the responsibility of being the Avatar, with the inner want to be in a relationship with Katara, whereas Katara's personality, having taken up a lot of responsibility and just needing to be more child-like (she's 14 btw), with the inner want (Starting season 2) to be with Aang.
Or perhaps the "enemies to lovers" trope for the same pairing?
Then we have Aang and Katara, which people say falls into the "Hero gets the girl" trope, and I ask, is it wrong for pure love "best friends to lovers" to prevail over "enemies to lovers"? Is it right to ignore Mai, and prefer Zuko to break up with her to get with Katara?
Slightly biased due to my personal opinion on the relationships (Aang and Katara remind me an awful lot of Percy Jackson's Percy and Annabeth), but romance was never a big part of the ATLA story, and those participating in your petty "shipping wars" should probably accept that there was a possibility for Zuko and Katara to get together, and it didn't happen.
If you want a more detailed post on why Katara and Aang is not a one-sided relationship, click here.
++ STOP demonizing Aang just because you prefer Zuko over him as a love interest for Katara... I really never saw anything morally wrong in his character, and by the way. Let me add that it's sexist to say that the younger girl should get with the older boy, and the age gap between the two partners in BOTH pairings (Zuko, Katara, Aang) are the same.
That being said, everyone's personal opinion deserves respect and not to be attacked. Just be more fair in your arguments, and if you can provide solid evidence to back your argument, edit it into your post instead of waiting for someone to ask and commenting it. :)
Thanks for reading, probably felt like a rant, but boy I'm tired of this shipping war nonsense, and I'm definitely really tired of seeing hate towards Katara and Aang individually, because they are nowhere near close to "bad/shallow characters".
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2020.07.26 19:42 Infamous-Panic A Fanfic Idea I Had...

Yes, this is not fanart, I just didn't know what to tag it. The fanfic is a Theyna vigilante AU mostly set in Hollywood. I'd love to hear what you guys think and if I should go ahead and write it or not.
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano: an amnesiac who remembers only one thing: Her sister, Hylla, was killed by crime in this city. She doesn’t know how to avenge it, but she’ll try. What she doesn’t know? Her father is the city’s wealthy businessman that moonlights as a mob boss. Eventually, she learns personal vengeance isn’t as important as the city. But she’ll need help.
Thalia Grace: The supposedly missing child of Beryl Grace, another of the city’s high and mighty who died a while back in a car crash. Now, Thalia lives with the low-lives of the city, a street urchin that does her best to help people but has walls of steel around her. She attempts to break down someone else’s walls, but if she does so, hers come down as well. Does she risk it?
Jason Grace: The other child of Beryl Grace, who is one of the few that knows his mother was an alcoholic, which leads to him becoming a cop. If he can institute law, order, and safety, maybe other kids won’t have to be told that their mom isn’t coming home. But when the police department of the city is under the thumb of someone whose interests don’t benefit the people, it’s hard.
Annabeth Chase: Jason’s older partner. She’s been doing this for a while, and she’s not exactly hopeful about the situation. Nevertheless, she persists. She’s tired, but one of their best cops. She doesn’t know why she’s still a beat cop, though. She has so much more potential, but something, someone, above her is holding her back.
Piper McLean: A rising star in her early twenties model, everybody loves her. She falls for the rookie cop Jason Grace, the son of Beryl Grace, one of her father’s friends. Her father is famous in Hollywood, and Piper receives fame. But she wants more, she wants danger in real-life, not in a scene, so she decides to give racing a try. The thrill of the chase, right?
Percy Jackson: One of Hollywood’s best models. Friendly rivalry with Piper McLean, and boyfriend of Annabeth Chase, though all the other girls want him. As a model, he’s expected to act aloof for the cameras, but off-camera? He’s friends with Piper and shares her passion for being a trouble-maker with a heart of gold.
Leo Valdez: A food truck vendor on the slummy side of town, but he has all the information, and even some parts if you know how to ask. He would’ve become a mechanic in his dream life, but the closest he can get to his passion right now is by illegally juicing up cars for races, unbeknownst to the cops.
Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang: Tired college students that operate a shelter for kids with bad lives. The amount of things they’ve seen is...troubling. They just want kids to have a better life, but sometimes they can’t do anything. A lot of times, they don’t even know their names, just that they don’t have anywhere else to go. It takes a toll after a while.
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2020.07.07 19:29 Geostelar5 Swordfight

Ok so in my story, "Counting the Days" it is about Annabeth being a goddess, and she lets herself become a demigod/mortal for 5 years in order to befriend Percy and try to garuntee that Percy makes the choice to save Olympus, not raze it, to try and control the Prophecy by embracing it, not avoiding it. So I have Luke hating Annabeth in the story because she is a goddess and we know how Luke feels about the gods, at least in TLT and I have them in a swordfighting lesson. Can y'all please tell me what you think of the fight?
My cabin was lined up at the arena, all of us waiting for the sword instructor to appear, and true to form he did. Castellan’s blond hair and tanned looks coming up the hill from the Hermes cabin with a soft smile on his face, I guessed he might look handsome to some people. Especially mother, as he gave off that rugged, but thinking aura from himself and everyone in the cabin was evidence of her weakness for that hair color. To me though, he put me on edge, my skin prickling a bit when he was coming in close, he looked to Mr.M with an apparent kindness in his eyes before all of it vanished when he caught that I was there, becoming cold while he got into the pit.
“Alright campers, today we will be working on your basic forms. No new moves today, we want to make sure you have a solid foundation before moving to the more complicated stuff. Everyone chooses a sparring partner and get to it. Annabeth, because there is an odd number of campers. You are with me.” I hissed a little bit, this wasn’t going to be fun. I nodded anyway, I didn’t want to say anything and draw suspicion to the Hermes Counselor, I may have had a bad feeling, but no one else here did apparently.
Grabbing a blade that felt right enough, I stepped into the pit, and Castellan jumped on me, even before I could get into a proper stance and started to slap and whip at me with his blade. Castellan's sword nothing more than a flash of bronze as he attacked me from all angles. Commenting on my form now and then, giving surface-level feedback to look like he was doing his job. I was forced to do my best and defend myself. Adapting as fast as I could to the man who was pounding away at me.
As we fought, my blade clashing into his a few times, I could feel the differences in our strength and speed. He was overwhelming me, and the only thing keeping me slightly in the game was the fact that I had been practicing how to fight, admittedly against dummies and training automatons for the past few hundred years. However, that was mainly with a knife, and even then, I could barely keep up with his skill. Each slice, each block parry or flourish, was something hard-won by myself. The sound of metal clashing against metal echoing out, ringing in my ears with each clash. I found myself panting through it all while I tried to make the blade dance like he did.
The weight and extra length of my blade constantly making me mess up, it was clear that I had no chance of winning against this man, that he could have quickly finished me off long ago, but he kept going. The bruises and cuts were forming on my skin, each one a new sensation of pain that I hadn’t felt before there. Each time the edge of his blade cut along my shoulder, it elicited a gasp of pain from the initial blow, which was usually followed by a few hisses as it still stung afterward.
I could tell that Castellan could have ended this at any time he wanted, but he was purposefully dragging it out, trying to inflict as much pain on me as possible for some reason. Keeping himself just reserved enough that it didn’t look like one-sided bullying. His eyes bore into me, cold and cruel, just daring me to give in. Give up, let him win after putting me through intense pain, but I couldn’t! I wouldn’t give this up until I had no choice! In his confidence and arrogance, Castellan had made a mistake in this whole plot to subject me to the business end of his blade. He had given me time to think.
As the man pushed me around the rink, I noticed we were on pretty fine gravel and sand. Useful for keeping your footing, of course, no slick surfaces to lose yourself on though as I slid my feet across the gravel, there were rough patches. Excellent. I let the man lead me into a pattern of left-right-left parrying, repeating that pattern for a few exchanges, leading him to a rough patch of sand at the same time I knew Castellan would mix it up and attack from the supposed unexpected angle only to meet my blade there. I placed both my hands on the grip to resist him, hold our blades in place, but I wasn’t going to kid myself. I was a 12-year-old girl up against a 19-year-old man, the gap in our physical strengths was tremendous, a giant canyon that I couldn’t hope to overcome.
I couldn't help but stare into Castellan's eyes, boring down into me while he pushed forward, daring me to give up. Give in, let myself be humiliated by this man, let the former goddess lose on her first spar. Too bad for him, that wasn't the plan at all. I braced against his blade, resisting it as I was pushed down. Onto one knee, my other leg tensed up like a spring, perfect.
Releasing my non-dominant hand from the blade while bracing my other arm harder against Castellan, I swiftly scooped some of the gravel into my hands. I flung it upwards into Castellan’s eyes, making him flinch back for a second as he was blinded. His blade going off-center for an instant, it was all I needed
“Gah! A good trick, but can you cap-” The man’s lecture was cut off by me springing forward, my knee raised high as I slammed it between his legs as hard as possible. I put all my demigod strength behind it, making Castellan yelp out in surprise and squeeze his knees together, collapsing to his own knees while tears welled up in his eyes in pain. I got back to my standing position quickly and swiftly brought my blade to the side of his neck.
“I win.” I stared at Luke, panting a bit. My cuts were bleeding, letting red streaks run down my arms as I pointed up at the man’s neck
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2020.07.06 07:19 AnimeNightwingfucku What are your theories about what The Seven do after Gaea’s defeat? Here are some of mine!

Before I start I’d like to point out that I haven’t read any ToA or Magnus Chase stuff yet. I recently re read PJO and HOO during quarantine, but thats it, so if anything happens to these characters in the side series that I don’t mention, I’m sorry.
Percy: I like to think Percy goes back to school for the last few months of his senior year at Goode High, before obviously going back to CHB in the summer and helping with the war reparations. For his senior year he puts as much focus as he can into graduating so he can go to New Rome University with Annabeth. I like to think that Annabeth wanted to spend more time with him after all they had apart, so she moves back to New York and into a boarding school for her senior year. When he goes to New Rome, I like to think he majored in Marine Biology (because its easy) as well as maybe teaching. Maybe he even goes on the swim team.
Annabeth: Like I said I think the idea of her moving to New York to be closer to Percy is cool, and I saw on tumblr the idea of her going to an all girls catholic school (which I feel like would be a fun way to explore that mythology) and she’s in a dorm with a roommate. She probably interns on the side at an architectural firm, and helps percy with his work. Maybe she goes on the debate team, just to boost her extra credit. She lives off redbull and coffee essentially.
Jason: Jason and Piper move back to California to finish their Junior year of Highschool, probably living in New Rome and commuting every day. I imagine Jason is instantly put on the football team, and he simultaneously is amused and exasperated. He doesn’t really have an interest in football but it’s something to do and he likes the normalcy.
Piper: I like to think Piper, on the other hand, spends way more of her time training at Camp Jupiter and practicing with her knife. While Jason is ready to move away from the demigod life, Piper probably feels like this is the only home shes had. I imagine she Iris Messages Annabeth and Leo a lot to talk about it. Eventually she decides that highschool just isn’t for her, and leaves Jason and California to go back to Camp Half Blood.
Leo: Leo of course never cared about school. He’s already inhumanly intelligent, and anything he doesn’t have on the Argo II he can either steal or build. Because of this, Leo and Calypso travel the world, with Leo showing her all the things she missed when trapped on that island. They eventually grow apart as romantic partners, but still travel as friends.
Hazel: Hazel and Frank of course go back to Camp Jupiter (and I was spoiled that they become preators). Hazel usually sees her brother once or twice a week though, because of shadow travel or Iris Messages. When he told her about his sexuality, she was later ashamed to admit she reacted badly. You have to understand though, Hazel is a 13 year old girl from the 1930s who lived in the south, of course she’s gonna react badly. It takes a lot of tearful discussions with Frank and a lot if research on her own for her to really get it, and even then it probably takes months more maybe even years until she’s used to it. Its a process, and she’s trying her hardest.
Frank: Frank just keeps doing Frank stuff. Unbothered. He and Hazel stay together.
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2020.07.05 15:03 Brawl_nOyOu Some random things I remember, and some really funny ideas [Don't read unless you're done with Tyrant's Tomb]

- The gods didn't reward the 7 after the defeat of Gaia and this is pretty depressing
- Random Idea #1: Leo 1v1'ing Khione could look like the JJBA "Oh, you're approaching me?" scene, because Leo can have flames around his body it would look SO COOL as fanart xD
- Calypso never kissed Percy on the lips but did for Leo
- Poseidon and Gaia had a son
- Daedalus went to Asphodel and got a job there
- Hephaestus has a picture which "livestreams" Leo
- Random Idea #2: Fanart/Official picture of Hyperion, Iapetus, Luke/Kronos and Tartarus?
- Daedalus' laptop and Annabeth's dagger (the one which Luke stabbed himself with) is in Tartarus
- Hecate isn't a daughter of Nyx but Nyx said Hecate was her daughter
- Both currently living children of Hades/Pluto are from the past and have traumatic experiences
- Percy is the only living demigod child of Poseidon as of now
- Sciron and Chrysaor are sons of Poseidon
- Frank is lactose-intolerant
- Reyna considered Octavian to be her partner
- Piper's a vegetarian so Leo cooks tofu tacos
- Jason is nearsighted and got glasses
- Who the frick is Bill the merman
- Chiron is Kronos' son
- Hazel can control the Mist better than anyone
- Leo saved Percy and Annabeth from getting killed by the Doors of Death
- Small Bob was one of the saber-toothed cats from Titans' Curse
- Jason could tell Leo was heartsick in Malta because of Nico's coming out scene
- Adding on to the above point, Cupid is a piece of schist LOL
- Apollo had a crush on Jamie of the Lovely Loincloth, and crushed quite hard on Reyna
- Josephine pretended to be a man in the mafia
- Frank is like 6'5" iirc, but he's freaking tall
- Hazel is the youngest of the 7
- Arion and Calypso curse very often
- Percy is related to the Golden Fleece
- Akhlys has Hercules' shield
- Piper's cornucopia was from a river god
- Zoë is the original owner of Riptide, and tried to give it to Hercules
- Beckendorf and Leo died in fiery explosions
- Leo is the first person to have found Ogygia twice, the first example in a main series book of someone coming back to life through the physician's cure, and is the only demigod known to have scattered a primordial (as underwhelming as this is, but I digress)
- Percy, Annabeth, Rachel, Grover and Tyson have seen a living dodo bird and a woolly mammoth
- Leo and Piper were friends before being claimed/going to CHB
- Dylan the venti was used by Jason to breathe underwater
Maybe I will make a sequel post next weekend, but back to the memes tomorrow!
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2020.06.26 13:14 Brawl_nOyOu 3-part long text post - Leo defence v2.0, Leo's backstory and how it led to his personality, and one particular scene in the Blood of Olympus [quite heavy HoO spoilers]

recently, i posted a defence post for Leo, one of the main characters of the Heroes of Olympus series. that post is deleted to make way for this post, so yeah. in that post, I addressed people's complaints with Leo, and why they hate him.
sorry if you hate Leo but despite him not being my absolute favourite, i think he doesn't deserve the hate, unless you're one who's really against immaturity being showcased prevalently in books. i don't intend to change your opinion on him, i am simply rebutting the points used to hate on him. whether it changes your opinion or not, is up to you.
Italicised words are quoted from books.
Part 1: Leo Valdez defence
  1. Leo's an incel/thinks he deserves a girl/thinks the girls owe him something/misogynist etc. I'm just wondering, because based on the definition, "incel" means someone who classifies himself as unable to find a romantic partner, and "misogynist" means he doesn't like women/girls. Now, if this was the meaning you guys keep complaining about, I don't see any problem. To add on to this point, because he wants to find an S.O, people think he thinks he is entitled to one, and ends up doing creepy stuff/things which just seem wrong. From my re-reads (TLH, MoA - BoO), the only thing which actually seemed wrong is peeping through his fingers at Piper after she just woke up. Just because he's infatuated with any girl doesn't mean he thinks he "deserves" her, and I believe that Leo was not trying to make any moves on Piper, even since before TLH. People also tend to link this entire issue to his being jealous of all the couples, and while it is true, in TLH "He wanted a reset" when Piper and Jason's memories were exposed as Mist-induced false memories. What he was trying to do was at least have his friends treat him better, or at least not to focus entirely on each other. WHICH is why, as someone said in one of my comments, Leo's desire to be in a relationship is understandable, because it really seems that in the books, the Argo II crew were so focused on each other (3 couples) that Leo felt neglected.
    1. While I somewhat agree that his way of thinking when it comes to girls/women is not healthy, it is not in his character to casually treat the girls he meets as pleasure objects. There is no sentence in the books that show that Leo saw girls as objects of pleasure. Hence this point is just wrong.
    2. to add on, in fact Leo had always felt that he was inferior to pretty much everyone else on the Argo II, except perhaps Piper, but that could also be because they were close friends, so he wasn't particularly intimidated by her (until BoO), compared to someone like Percy (MoA). People pointing out that he is cocky make me wonder if they really re-read Leo's chapters or not.
    3. Also, Leo thinking that he couldn't find a girlfriend because of his being inferior to Jason, as I've seen so far, only happened with Calypso. "If Jason were here, Calypso would totally fall all over him, etc." I see absolutely no problem with his thinking that he couldn't get a girlfriend because he wasn't as physically attractive. Leo had spent his life being the weak one, so of course if there's at least 1 guy who even looks stronger than him, he would think that the strong guy would be better than him in finding a girlfriend.
  2. Leo's character arc sucks and should've ended with him coming to terms with being satisfied with his friendships or stayed single. So let's think of the possibilities of that... oh wait. "You will never find a place among your brethren. You will always be the seventh wheel." Nemesis said this to him. You know that if someone like Hazel had said this, Leo would've thought it was a joke, right? But no. This came from a goddess who wasn't even in SUPPORT of Gaia. This can also link to his desire to want to be in a relationship, BUT, from this sentence from a goddess, one would think that Leo wouldn't come to terms or be satisfied with just being a friend, or at least among the Argo II crew, his CLOSEST friends (emphasis on closest - he had more experiences and more realised dynamic/interaction between himself and the others of the Seven, except perhaps Annabeth). And I don't know what you guys think, but in my opinion getting heartbroken shouldn't completely change one's character or attitude. It's really unrealistic. In fact, Leo did change, albeit slightly, after leaving Calypso's island for the first time.
  3. Leo was a piece of schist to Frank in MoA. People have mentioned this was where Leo's character was at its lowest point, and I have to say, I agree. He indeed seemed to bully Frank, and didn't seem to be sorry for it. How the book explained it was that both Leo and Frank made each other nervous, and with Leo's personality, he jokes more, and worse, when he's nervous. "He didn't apologise", some comments said. Well, you mustn't really have re-read MoA yet, because he explained everything to Frank (about Hazel's situation with Sammy), and slowly started to grow closer to him. If he truly didn't seem sorry, Frank would've continued his hostile attitude towards Leo. They eventually make up to each other. And, you guys probably haven't even realised, but Leo continued to help Frank, after saving them in Rome in MoA, he actually asked Calypso to make a fireproof pouch in HoH, so that Frank doesn't have to fear fire and reduce his chances of dying due to the stick. Which is why, despite the start-middle of MoA being Leo's lowest point, he began to develop/change/improve as the book comes closer to ending.
  4. Leo doesn't actually care for his friends(?). 2-part answer.
    1. The example people bring up is him sacrificing himself in the final battle (which was still very underwhelming tbh) without letting everyone know, for Calypso, whom he only knew for like two-three weeks. This point, I must completely counter, because there is no solid evidence from the books. Literally all he does is for the good of the quest, and the good of his friends. He isn't afraid to put himself into harm's way for his friends (Nike in BoO), especially if they are in danger. He DID tell his friends, in fact. Frank and Hazel found out about his plan, but they knew and understood about sacrifice. But Leo knew that Jason or Piper, his two closest friends, will not let him do that, in fact Jason wanted to lift any responsibility for the fulfilment of the prophecy off Leo's shoulders. And, although it wasn't obvious, Percy wouldn't have let him.
    2. Now, onto Calypso. I mentioned in the previous defence post, that Leo had been banking on the thought that Calypso hated him and didn't want to see him, pushing away his quite obvious crush. "He had spent all his life thinking he was a mistake, to his family, his friends, in life in general. He didn't need some random crazy goddess enforcing that idea." and "He was positive Calypso would strangle him on the spot, or order her invisible wind servants to chop him up into a Leo pureé." Now, what do you think he would've thought once Calypso kissed him on the beach? Leo was in disbelief, surprise, etc. Sure, Leo had only known her for two weeks, but think about it. All that time aboard the Argo II, Leo rarely had time to interact in private with anyone except Jason and Piper in HoH, after which he also got himself sent to Ogygia anyway. Then, as he was building with Calypso, you'd think they interacted. Just the two of them, many days, without anyone else needing anything from Leo. Leo understood her situation, and decided to come back because he felt that it was just fair. Leo had felt lonely (keyword: FELT, not BEEN. Leo has company aboard the Argo II. He just didn't feel like it.) ever since his mother had died, and Calypso had in fact, been lonely for like 3500+ years. That's why, once he found out that Calypso reciprocated his feelings, he decided that no matter what, he was going to find a way back. In the end, he in fact did a huge favour for his friends - defeating Gaia, and making sure none of the partners died trying to help him. So I don't understand why this can even be used as an argument or reason to hate him.
  5. Leo is insufferable - Alright. Perhaps. It really depends on your opinion on what is insufferable, what is acceptable, and what is really truly good/flawless. Despite the fact that all he says seem to be jokes (some to Frank in MoA were quite offensive), I don't understand why people understate his actions, which contribute to more of his true character than his words. From the above point, all he does is for the good of the quest and his friends. If you're focusing on the way he thinks, of course you might find it problematic.
Is Leo a flawless character? No. Absolutely not.
It really seems like having flaws in a character will lead to more hate upon re-reads, huh?
Let's get a less flawed character, say Jason. He is commonly known as bland/boring, but that's people's only complaint. I don't see any hate towards his character, which I commonly see now towards Leo.
These are the main arguments which, at first glance, make total sense. Like, I definitely get why Leo is not people's favourite character, there are definitely some which are better, but those who hate him have so many reasons, and it can be countered.
Now for the last one:
- Immaturity, annoying, not funny, literally a character with Percy's humour and none of Percy's maturity are such light reasons to hate a character!
- Although, mature readers with experiences with people who are annoying/immature might indeed dislike him. I understand that. But if you don't have any such experiences, it just doesn't feel like valid reasons to hate him.
- I also don't care if you find him insufferable because of his attempt of being the comic relief.
Part 2: Leo's backstory.
If you are wondering why Leo's personality was like that, remember how powerful Leo's backstory actually is. Gaia went to his house, got him to indirectly kill his mother, intending to, as quoted, "break his spirits". Couple the guilt of killing his mother, the resentment from all his remaining mortal family, and the fact that he was, at first sight, scrawny and seemingly weak, it should have been enough to break someone, make them give up on life, or get them killed one way or another (in Leo's case, he was scrawny. Higher chance of getting beaten up). But Leo improvised. Changing his personality and hiding everything using humour, as cringy as it may be, is his way of coping with any of his guilt. He got used to being lonely. He didn't get beat up because he was joking around to escape bullies. He ran away multiple times. He just didn't seem to be accepted by anyone, until the Argo II. No one taught him anything (which can somewhat explain his erratic behaviour at times) ever since his mother died - no one was there to correct him whenever he made a mistake. The fact that he never lingered on these negative experiences in order to continue moving made his story as bad as, or almost as bad as Nico's, Hazel's or Reyna's.
I also believe that some sort of extra character development could've left readers with a better taste of his character, for example the chapter when Leo atomised Gaia should've been in his POV. So don't get me wrong. My point is that his character arc doesn't suck at all, but had potential for more development.
Part 3: That 1 scene in BoO
"Greeks! Let's, um, fight stuff!" left a bad taste in so many readers' mouths. I don't think the scene is completely bad, though it really contrasts between Percy in TLO and Percy in BoO. Rick might've gotten off writing Percy, but I don't think this scene is really very off, because the Greeks never actually had battle formations, which the Romans do, and can apply MID-BATTLE. Even in TLO, not much "formation" was shown. My personal opinion is that Percy yelled that because he needed to get the Greeks moving, and he had no plan. (Why would he have a plan? He landed from a burning ship, right into the battlefield, without any time beforehand to plan. Not even Annabeth had a plan, and that's saying something.) So that scene is bad, but it's not ALL that bad. It's as if you guys think Percy could've said that same quote "Fight well, and we will win. For Olympus! etc." from TLO, but he landed in the MIDDLE OF THE BATTLEFIELD, in the MIDDLE OF THE BATTLE.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. Note that this entire blocks of text are just my opinion, and everyone deserves to have their own view. Leave any other thoughts or arguments in the comments, and I'll reply ASAP, but let's try to keep it civil, yeah?
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2020.06.24 05:08 MXV2 Unpopular Opinion? : HoO is better than PJO

Quick disclaimer: This is all my opinion and I’m kind of trying to get other people’s thoughts. I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time, and just recently found this sub and from what I’ve seen, people seem to agree that PJO is better than HoO, which was a bit surprising, as I always viewed SoN, MoA, and HoH as far and away the best books in the series. I’m going to go over just a few of my likes and dislikes of each now. I think PJO was a bit more fun to read all around, as all of the first 5 didn’t seem to have much filler, or stuff I didn’t care about as much going on. Also, I think it’s great at building up the characters, and sets them up wonderfully for HoO. My biggest beef is, I know it’s a fantasy series and all, but there seems to be a bit more luck on the hero’s side, or just plain questionable things that happen. Examples such as a 12yo besting the god of war, getting out of the lair of the lotus eaters, just in time for them to barely make the deadline, Luke deciding to sacrifice himself etc. I think HoO has much less of that and the gods seem much more against the group, with the division of the two camps, the gods getting schizophrenia, lots of stuff Gaea does, etc. That being said HoO has too much romance I think or it’s just forced just so everyone gets a partner, to wrap things up and that’s probably my biggest beef with HoO. Also not enough Percy and Annabeth, and there was a bit more stuff I didn’t care about at times with all the other protagonists. Like I said, the whole series is one of my favorites of all time and this is just an opinion that I hope some people will take the time to talk about.
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2020.06.11 00:48 Thai_Fighter16 Posted this on r/starwarsrebels, now posting it here. It's terrifying how similar they are.


So this is going to be something only the Rick Riordan fans amongst you will get. Has anyone else ever noticed that Ezra and Sabine's relationship works almost identically to Percy and Annabeth's? Think about it. In the beginning, the guy has barely any experience in what they're doing, lost their parent/s, while the girl is a competant, cool bad*ss who at the start has almost no respect for the guy, but slowly builds up a friendship with him. Eventually, both are trusting the other with their lives almost regularly and both guys disappear, leaving the girl to wonder what happened. More specific parallels are:
1 Sabine and Annabeth both get kidnapped/held hostage, and Percy/Ezra have to save them. (For Sabine it's when Maul comes looking for Kenobi, and yes it's more the entire group, but Percy is also saving Artemis so it still works.)
2 Both pairings bond over their sense of humour and willingness to do anything for the team.
3 Sabine and Annabeth both have a mum who at the start, hates them and considers them not part of the family, but grows to appreciate their daughter. (Helen, not Athena.)
4 The villain (Kronos/Thrawn) is cunning, manupulative, and scores several victories.
5 Both guys lose a mentobrother figure late in the story. (Kanan for Ezra, and Beckendorf for Percy.)
6 The girl's dad can be a bit overbearing/enthusiastic at times. (Alrich for art, and Frederick for history.)
7 Annabeth and Sabine both have a more warlike (haha puns) and/or vicious friend that they don't always see eye-to-eye with. (Ketsu/Clarisse.)
8 The guys have a wildcard friend that looks out for themselves, that the other doesn't trust. (Hondo and Nico.)
9 Both guys have a period where they might turn dark. (Yes Percy's was after his disappearance and also a lot shorter than Ezra's, but technicalities.)
10 The guys would do anything to ensure their partner is safe, including sacrificing themselves. (Again, the Doors Of Death does take place after Percy's disappearance but technicalities.)
Seriously, I can't have been the only one to think of this, right?
Welp, found another one. In each paring, one person/can't won't break it off, Sabine because Mandalorians are monogamous (mate for life) and Percy because his fatal flaw is loyalty.
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2020.06.10 18:50 Thai_Fighter16 Percabeth/Sabezra: Scarily accurate parallels


So this is going to be something only the Rick Riordan fans amongst you will get. Has anyone else ever noticed that Ezra and Sabine's relationship works almost identically to Percy and Annabeth's? Think about it. In the beginning, the guy has barely any experience in what they're doing, lost their parent/s, while the girl is a competant, cool bad*ss who at the start has almost no respect for the guy, but slowly builds up a friendship with him. Eventually, both are trusting the other with their lives almost regularly and both guys disappear, leaving the girl to wonder what happened. More specific parallels are:
1 Sabine and Annabeth both get kidnapped/held hostage, and Percy/Ezra have to save them. (For Sabine it's when Maul comes looking for Kenobi, and yes it's more the entire group, but Percy is also saving Artemis so it still works.)
2 Both pairings bond over their sense of humour and willingness to do anything for the team.
3 Sabine and Annabeth both have a mum who at the start, hates them and considers them not part of the family, but grows to appreciate their daughter. (Helen, not Athena.)
4 The villain (Kronos/Thrawn) is cunning, manupulative, and scores several victories.
5 Both guys lose a mentobrother figure late in the story. (Kanan for Ezra, and Beckendorf for Percy.)
6 The girl's dad can be a bit overbearing/enthusiastic at times. (Alrich for art, and Frederick for history.)
7 Annabeth and Sabine both have a more warlike (haha puns) and/or vicious friend that they don't always see eye-to-eye with. (Ketsu/Clarisse.)
8 The guys have a wildcard friend that looks out for themselves, that the other doesn't trust. (Hondo and Nico.)
9 Both guys have a period where they might turn dark. (Yes Percy's was after his disappearance and also a lot shorter than Ezra's, but technicalities.)
10 The guys would do anything to ensure their partner is safe, including sacrificing themselves. (Again, the Doors Of Death does take place after Percy's disappearance but technicalities.)
Seriously, I can't have been the only one to think of this, right?
Welp, found another one. In each paring, one person/can't won't break it off, Sabine because Mandalorians are monogamous (mate for life) and Percy because his fatal flaw is loyalty.
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2020.04.24 23:11 xochini I’m a detective in a small town, and there’s something in the woods. / part one.

If I could turn back time, I’d tell them all there’s something out there.
It lurks within the cloud of our darkest thoughts, fettered to the recesses of our mind like a cancer, malicious and cold in its endeavors yet irregularly benign whilst unprovoked. I’d tell them it lives and breathes as we do, and with every passing breath it grows stronger until it is no more. I’d tell them death is real, and it looks like an amalgamation of every horrific thing we’ve ever thought to do but have never done. I realized sometime too late that death carries out whatever sentences our corruptly moral set of human laws prevents us from ruling.
It came for me on a cold Tuesday morning in the form of a file tossed on my desk with little concern for its contents. Throwing myself in my chair without the usual poise and dignity I carried myself with, my eyes wandered to the label on the thick pile of documents, reading ANN MOSELY, in chunky, black lettering, scribbled haphazardly in sharpie. Reaching forward, I made the decision to pass the time before I was to head home by reviewing one more case, picking up the file and flipping through aimlessly.
From behind me, a voice rang through my ears, an irritating pitch I recognized all too well.
“This one’s a doozy, isn’t it?” Karen Windslow had a way about her, a Southern charm that worked in her favor. Even the most serious of topics had a flirty lilt. I scoffed, my eyes meeting hers as I removed my glasses and allowed them to fall onto the desk in front of me with a clink.
“I haven’t gotten that far into it,” I responded dryly, meeting her smirk with an exhausted scowl. I felt particularly perplexed at the consistency of Karen’s general positive attitude towards her work. You always read about what it’s like being a homicide detective in a small town, but you never hear about the numbness.
They never tell you that there’s no probable way to enjoy your job when your friends and family all end up on a cold, metal slab, chest wide open as you literally peer into their open body cavity and try to figure out whether one of your other friends or family murdered them. Eventually, it all blurs together, and you start seeing people more as a set of wall clocks collectively running out of battery than actual human beings. Nevertheless, Karen was optimistic.
“Of course not,” Karen teased. “Y’see, while you were givin’ the chief a handie under the table durin’ all your meetings, I got to some real police work.”
“Is that so?” Out of habit, I peered around. Whenever a file came across my desk, there was always a desk across the way missing an officer. I could always tell who got axed by the number of people missing. I found it odd that everybody was at their station.
“Yeah. Recognize her?” My partner gestured towards the file.
“Vaguely,” I muttered with a shrug and flipped through it once more, attempting to find a photo of Ann. There was one, on her dossier. It contained two people, one blonde, tall in stature and slightly on the pudgy side, with a round face and thick eyebrows, complimented by a pair of glasses with circular, wired frames. I recognized her as Sophia Garner. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew she had a baby boy, but he was nowhere to be found in the photo. Instead, her arm was thrown around a brunette, with eyes much darker than my own, yet misty and intriguing. The brunette’s smile dimmed in comparison to Sophia’s. “Looks familiar.”
“Mhm,” Karen chirped. “Familiar, all right.”
“I invite you to, at any moment, stop fucking with me and clue me into whatever lead you’ve already found,” I snapped halfheartedly, my lips pulling into a sneer as I remained unamused by Karen’s blithe attentiveness.
Karen twirled her pen between her fingers, her lips curling into a playful pout. “Give a man a fish,” she began to preach. “And he eats for a day.”
“Fine, whatever,” I replied, my eyes wandering back to the photo sitting in front of me. Ann Mosely, I thought to myself. Then, all at once, as if struck by lightning, it came to me. “That’s Crazy Ann, isn’t it? The one in the alleyway? Hell, I hadn’t noticed her around in a while, but I thought she’d just run off somewhere. Who called it in?”
“Her wife, Sophia. She kept her clothed and fed while she was out preaching to rats and mooching off the alleyway at Ficher’s.”
Ficher’s Diner was a late-night eatery downtown. I’d eaten there a few times and known the food to be subpar, but not outrightly bad. I figured this was a good place to start, since it was probably the last place she was seen alive,
“Anybody clue her in yet?” I asked, standing from my desk and grabbing the coat that I had carelessly tossed onto the back of my chair. Karen shook her head solemnly, her smile turning into something more of a tight-lipped smirk. “Guess that’s our first stop, then.”
“Getting right down to business,” she quipped as I gently shoved my way past her towards the door.
Hindsight is a funny thing. Looking back, it’s clear that I didn’t realize my visit with Sophia would change everything.
Fischer’s Diner was considerably closer to the station than Sophia’s house, but both myself and Karen agreed that it was best to go to the Garner house first for the next of kin notification.
Ann’s wife had only filed the missing person’s report a few days prior, so when she opened the door for us, her face adorned a look of momentary shock. I flashed my badge quickly, a motion I had gotten used to and thus swiftly completed before my partner was able to drawl out her introductions. “Sophia?” Karen began. “It’s Karen Windslow. We spoke on the phone a few days ago.”
“Yes...detective Windslow, I’m sorry,” said Sophia, shaking herself out of her daze. “Hello, what can I do for you?”
“Well, this is my partner, detective Haynes. Can we come in?”
There was a pause, as if Sophia genuinely considered not letting us pass. I think, somewhere deep down, she knew what we came to say. Despite her hesitancy, however, she swung the door open a bit wider and gestured for us to come in. Karen and I shuffled inside, Sophia closing the door behind us and letting it swing shut with a click. She led us into the living room, amongst baby toys that were strewn across the floor and laundry stacked high on the couch by the television. This is where Sophia sat, and she pointed her eyes towards the other, free seat nearby as she instructed us to sit.
This was the most uncomfortable part. It never got easier to notify the families. In fact, for some, it got harder, and I knew Karen to be one of the few that couldn’t get behind this part of the job. Luckily for my partner, I was prepared to carry the conversation. “We’re here about Annabeth Mosely,” I said. “Your wife.”
“Of course, I haven’t seen her in a few days. You see, she struggles with mental illness. She’s not crazy,” she began to overexplain. There was a hyperawareness there — Sophia knew what their situation looked like to the rest of the town. We weren’t all old fashioned, but some of us were, and those that are tend to believe that Ann’s unfortunate descent into her own illness was the result of entangling themselves with the devil by engaging in ... unholy practices.
“I understand,” I soothed. Then, Karen put a hand on Sophia’s shoulder and nodded to me. I knew this meant it was time to do what we came here for. I cleared my throat and leaned forward, placing my elbows on my knees. “I’m so sorry, Ms. Garner, but we found her. About a mile off the service road.”
I chose not to describe the scene I’d read about in Ann’s file on the way over. After all, it probably wouldn’t have been productive to mention that Ann’s throat was ripped out by what appeared to be a large and incredibly sharp set of teeth that were less than human, or that her body had holes that varied in size poking through the skin. It looked like somebody had gone on a gruesome treasure hunt, and even I had to fight back my lunch that threatened to make a second appearance.
Widows cry. They scream. Sometimes, they fight. Sophia did none of this. She just slowly nodded and put her head in her hands, as though she already knew. “Ann,” she breathed, but that was all she offered.
“I apologize,” Karen said. “But would you be able to come down and make the identification?”
“Of course,” Sophia responded, standing. It was at this point that I realized I hadn’t heard the familiar sound of a baby lamenting its hunger quite yet. I did some minor investigating while Karen helped Sophia gather her things. There were only a handful of pictures on the walls, and a good majority of them were with Ann. When I saw the first picture of their son, I could tell why. The baby bared almost no resemblance to Sophia, and the pictures of him had a thin layer of dust sprinkled across their surfaces, whereas the ones that contained Ann, especially those, had fingerprints etched into the dust, possibly from Sophia running her fingers over them softly.
I sent Karen ahead back to the station with Sophia and radioed for Anderson to meet me by the service road. The pictures weren’t enough, I had to see the crime scene for myself. I called a car to take me there, in the hopes that I could potentially uncover a lead that would point me in the right direction when it finally came time to round up the usual suspects.
When I got out of the car, I instantly felt the heaviness in the air. It weighed down on my shoulders as though it was trying to drag me beneath the earth. I shook it off — there was no room for discomfort. As I waited for Anderson to arrive, I watched the sun begin to set over the horizon. I wouldn’t realize until later that this was when I realized that the “something” that’s out there, that clings to us like wet clothing on a hot summer’s day, wasn’t as far off as I presumed. Perhaps it was right there, breathing over my shoulder. Perhaps it really was trying to drag me under.
One thing was for certain: come daybreak, it would be upon us.
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2020.04.01 21:32 cactusfalcon96 Athena with female partners?

Hi all,
I've recently started a re-read of the series and came across something in Labyrinth that confused me a bit. When Annabeth explains how Athena bestows her children upon her partners, she explicitly says that they're always men - but this sort of tripped me up because I thought that she could do the same with female partners? I assumed it was maybe later explained in HoO, but after asking my brother (who reread that series more recently than I have), he said that it's never brought up there. BUT he also said that he thought the same thing.
The Percy Jackson wiki (is it reliable?) categorizes Athena as LGBTQ+, but nothing on her page explicitly says why, unless she's listed there because of her status as a maiden goddess (asexuality).
tl;dr: was there ever a cannon source that said Athena could have children with female partners, too, or did my brother and I spontaneously create the same headcanon?
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2020.01.31 19:08 TheGhostofHomer Video game ideas

I don't really have an idea for a plot, but for the actual gameplay, I'm thinking it should be as open world as possible, with Camp being the main hub, but Percy's apartment being a sort of secondary hub.
I think it'd be cool if you can make drachmas by going on side quests, and you can spend those drachmas on nectaambrosia at the camp store, or extra weapons/weapon upgrades at the camp forge, like Brok and Sindri's shops in God of War 4.
The camp woods could also be a training area, sort of like the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild.
Speaking of Breath of the Wild, I think you should get all the abilities you need basically right from the start, and also be able to collect a wide variety of weapons and armor, but Riptide would be like the Master Sword where it never breaks.
There could also be some sort of points system for winning Capture the Flag games, like the more points you have, the better weapons, armor, and magic items you can find throughout the map, or maybe your attack power or health bar go up.
Another idea I had is if you have partner characters, there are certain times they can't/won't help you, for example, if there are spiders nearby, Annabeth can't help you, or if you have to go to an underground section, Grover can't help you.
Edit: Does anyone have ideas for a fast travel mechanic? I was thinking maybe the pegasi could be used to either fly around freely or to fast travel.
Edit: Greek fire grenades would be awesome. Also, Mrs. O'Leary could be used for fast travel.
Edit: For stealth missions, you could be able to switch to Annabeth and use her magic Yankees cap.
Edit: You could also go on monster raids, where you gather a group of half-bloods, storm a monster den, and get all sorts of loot.
Edit: Maybe everytime you win a game of Capture the Flag, the more likely people will be to come on a monster raid with you, and you'll get better loot from the raid.
If you guys have any ideas, feel free to share them!
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2019.12.27 04:16 Oporz 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss

SOURCE: 27 Best Sic-fi Movies 2019 So Far You Should Not Miss
Among so many movie categories, science fiction is one of the most popular ones, which normally describe a world people can't imagine, and the movies will also mix with high technologies. Most sic-fic movies will talk about universe, science, space exploration, supernatural power, and so on. The story plots of science fiction are always excited and mind-blowing, which can greatly attract people to watch, and fall in the story of the movie.
As 2019 has almost passed, today we would like to list the 27 best sic-fi movies have released so far, giving you a clearly introduction and reference. If you are a mad of science fiction movies, read about the list below now and pick one for enjoying with your friends.
1. Alita: Battle Angel
Movie released date: January 31, 2019
Runtime: 122 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Rosa SalazaChristoph Waltz/Keean Johnson/Mahershala Ali
Brief introduction: Based on the story happens in 2563, 300 years after Earth when all people are ruled by the sky city of Zalem, Alita: Battle Angel shows how an android woman, Alita, keeps fighting under constant threat in such a futuristic world. The courage and brevity of the heroine should be the quality we can learn from.

2. Ad Astra
Movie released date: August 29, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brad Pitt/Tommy Lee Jones/Ruth Negga/Liv Tyler
Brief introduction: 30 years later, a mysterious life-threatening event strikes Earth and keeps threatening the survival of our planet. For that, astronaut Roy McBride goes on his travel across this unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos while finding his missing father.

3. Terminator: Dark Fate
Movie released date: October 23, 2019
Runtime: 128 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Linda Hamilton/ Arnold SchwarzeneggeMackenzie Davis/Natalia Reyes
Brief introduction: Not only that the world changed after 27 years passing since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, but also the fate of human race was gotten re-written either. To survive from the chase of a Rev-9, a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator travels back through time to hunt and kill her and her friends. So Dani Ramos keeps fighting for the future of humanity with the help of two warriors: Grace and Sarah Connor.

4. Paradise Hills
Movie released date: January 26, 2019
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: Spain/United States
Language: English
Cast: Emma Roberts/Danielle Macdonald/Awkwafina/Eiza González
Brief introduction: On an isolated island called Paradise, Uma awakens on an apparently idyllic school where high-class families send their daughters to, in order to train them for becoming the perfect versions of themselves. It seems that the island provides physical and emotional healing for those in need, which helps them revolve all physical and emotional shortcomings within two months. However, there's a darker secret hidden behind its fairy tale like exterior.

5. I Am Mother
Movie released date: January 25 2019
Runtime: 113 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Cast: Clara Rugaard/Luke HawkeHazel Sandery and Summer Lenton/Maddie Lenton
Brief introduction: I Am Mother shows a story about how the robot raises the girl to repopulate the Earth under various threatens. This can really be unimaginative because we will always consider that mankind is the ruler on the Earth. It's such a must-watch film that deserves more cinema attention.

6. The Wandering Earth
Movie released date: February 5 2019
Runtime: 125 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin/English (Electronic Voice)/Russian/French
Cast: Qu Chuxiao/Li Guangjie/Ng Man-tat/Zhao Jinmai
Brief introduction: Telling the story of a distant future in which the earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun, people around the world are building giant planet thrusters to move Earth out of its orbit and want to sail the planet to a new star system. Focusing on the storyline of a group of young people who fight hard for the survival of mankind at the pried of wandering Earth, The Wandering Earth earns its thrills with exciting set pieces and dazzling special effects.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home
Movie released date: June 26, 2019
Runtime: 129 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Tom Holland/Samuel L. Jackson/Zendaya/Cobie Smulders
Brief introduction: Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), our Spider-Man Peter begrudgingly agrees to return to super heroics for helping Nick Fury take on new threats in a world that has changed forever. On his way on trip with his classmates, Peter also tries to figure out ways to hide his identity, deals with the relationship with the girl he loves, and fights against the bad guy for maintaining the peace on Earth even without Stark's help.

8. Avengers: Endgame
Movie released date: April 22, 2019
Runtime: 181 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans/Mark Ruffalo/Chris Hemsworth
Brief introduction: After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), almost half of people in the universe are being wiped out due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos, who gets the six energy stones successfully. For that, the remaining Avengers members gather again and decide to find a workable way to reverse Thanos' actions and restore the balance of the universe.

9.Detective Pikachu
Movie released date: May 3, 2019
Runtime: 104 minutes
Country: United States/Japan
Language: English
Cast: Ryan Reynolds/Justice Smith/Max Fincham/Kathryn Newton
Brief introduction: To unravel the tangled mystery about his father's missing, Tim keep chasing clues through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City with the aid of Harry's former Pokémon partner. In the course of their thrilling adventure, they have encountered with some reliable people, and cooperate with them to uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole universe.

10. Gemini Man (2019)
Movie released date: October 1, 2019
Runtime: 117 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Will Smith/Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Clive Owen/Benedict Wong
Brief introduction: Henry, an agent of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, was chased to kill by a mysterious killer when he was going to retire. In the fierce competition between the two men, he found that the killer was in his 20s. A duel between him and himself started immediately, and the truth behind it gradually surfaced.

11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
Movie released date: May 13, 2019
Runtime: 132 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Kyle ChandleVera Farmiga/Millie Bobby Brown/Bradley Whitford/Sally/Hawkins/Charles Dance/Thomas Middleditch/Aisha Hinds
Brief introduction: Godzilla met with Mothra, Rodan, and its powerful enemies, Ghidorah. Previously, the ancient super monsters that had been thought to exist only in mythology, but now one by one, they will fight for the "King of monsters", and human survival will be seriously threatened.

12. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! (2019)
Movie released date: August 16, 2019
Runtime: 71 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Voices of: Richard Steven Horvitz/Andy Berman/Rosearik Rikki Simons/Melissa Fahn
Brief introduction: When Zim reappeared and began the second phase of his plan to conquer the Earth, a "Florpus" suddenly opens, swallows the planet and merges it with alternate realities. On the other side, Zim's enemy, DIB, tried to expose his plan.

13. Captive State (2019)
Movie released date: March 15, 2019
Runtime: 109 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: John Goodman/Ashton Sanders/Jonathan Majors/Machine Gun Kelly/Vera Farmiga
Brief introduction: The movie tells of the emergence of a rebel force in the urban area of Chicago after the Earth has been occupied by aliens for 10 years. It has an irreconcilable conflict with the government forces of the obedient faction, and a battle is going to arise from it.

14. Men in Black International (2019)
Movie released date: June?11,?2019
Runtime: 115 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson/Rebecca Ferguson/Kumail Nanjiani/Rafe Spall/Laurent Bourgeois/Larry Bourgeois/Emma Thompson/Liam Neeson
Brief introduction: In the process of preventing the invasion of alien gangs, agent H and new agent M of the headquarters of the MiB accidentally eradicated the traitors hidden in the MiB. Although they went through so many difficulties, they finally managed to successfully save the world.

15. Brightburn (2019)
Movie released date: May?24,?2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Elizabeth Banks/David Denman/Jackson A. Dunn/Matt Jones/Meredith Hagner
Brief introduction: A rural couple without children picked up a baby from a spaceship near their home and raise the baby to grow up. Gradually, they found that the child was a little different. All kinds of supernatural abilities appeared on him. He put on a cloak, but not all the people can put on the cloak are heroes. So what is his real identity? Is him an alien?

16. IO (2019)
Movie released date: January 18, 2019
Runtime: 96 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Margaret Qualley/Anthony Mackie/Danny Huston
Brief introduction: Samantha, a young female scientist, is one of the survivors of the last catastrophe happened on Earth. Instead of abandoning her home like others do, she stayed on Earth and worked hard to find a way to help human beings survive.

17. Replicas (2019)
Movie released date: January?11,?2019
Runtime: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Keanu Reeves/Alice Eve/Thomas Middleditch/John Ortiz
Brief introduction: A bold neuroscientist tries to revive his family who died in a car accident. In order to achieve this goal, he would not hesitate to fight against the police, confront the government controlled laboratories, or even challenge all scientific restrictions.

18. High Life
Movie released date: November 7, 2018
Runtime: 110 minutes
Country: France/Germany/United Kingdom/Poland/United States
Language: English
Cast: Robert Pattinson/Juliette Binoche/André Benjamin/Mia Goth
Brief introduction: After embarking a dangerous and useless mission, Monte and his little daughter become the last survivors of it. As there is nobody living near them now, they have to find every method to let themselves lead a life, relying on each other. Now, they are facing danger and going straight ahead, which is a black hole.

19. Captain Marvel
Movie released date: February 27, 2019
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Brie Larson/Samuel L. Jackson/Ben Mendelsohn/Djimon Hounsou/Lee Pace/Lashana Lynch/Gemma Chan/Annette Bening/Clark Gregg/Jude Law
Brief introduction: This is the first Marvel heroine solo film. Captain Marvel is also a new character that is introduced into the Marvel universe. This film tells the origin of Captain Marvel. At first, Carol believes herself is a Kree warrior. However, she regains some memories that point out that she is a human and used to live on Earth. After evoking her memories, she finds a huge hidden lie.

20. Aniara
Movie released date: 7 September 2018
Runtime: 106 minutes
Country: Sweden/Denmark
Language: Swedish
Cast: Emelie Jonsson/Bianca Cruzeiro/Arvin Kananian/Anneli Martini
Brief introduction: The film tells the story happened when a spacecraft, which carries some residents and is flying towards the Mars. Unexpectedly, the spacecraft is getting away from the original course. Getting lost in the universe, the passengers have to make clear where they are now in the universe, and how they can get back to the right routine.

21. Fast Color
TV series released date: March 10, 2018
Runtime: 102 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Lorraine Toussaint/Saniyya Sidney/Christopher Denham/David Strathairn
Brief introduction: A young woman is being traced by an unknown and mysterious force because of her supernatural power. To save herself, the woman has to keep escaping. Till she has nowhere to go, she goes back to the farmhouse where she used to live with her family but now the place has been abandoned. After living in that place again, she begins to repair the relationship with her mother. Then the woman's family knows about the hidden power inside her.

22. Rim of the World
Movie released date: May 24, 2019
Runtime: 99 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Jack Gore/Miya Cech/Benjamin Flores Jr./Alessio Scalzotto/Andrew BacheloAnnabeth Gish
Brief introduction: Before the terrible aliens are going to give an attack to the Earth, the summer camp is just begun. On the place where the summer camp is held, four teenagers are given an essential key that conveys the secret and way to prevent aliens from invading the planet. However, the four teenagers get no adults to help, which means that they can only depend on themselves to save the world.

23. Project Ithaca
Movie released date: June 7, 2019
Runtime: 85 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: James Gallanders/Deragh Campbell/Daniel Fathers
Brief introduction: After waking up, five people, who are completely strangers to each other, discover that their 5 are trapped in an alien spaceship. Worse yet, they discover that the ship seems to get the power through some terrible means. As deeper into their investigation, the truth is that these aliens have kidnapped human for over decades, and even centuries. They have to stop this from happening again, and also, save themselves.

24. The Silence
Movie released date: April 10, 2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: Germany
Language: English
Cast: Kiernan Shipka/Stanley Tucci/Miranda Otto/John Corbett
Brief introduction: The world is being attacked by some terrible creatures, which will kill people through releasing a kind of sound. Under this danger, in order to avoid the hunt of the aliens, a teenager, who lost her hearing at the age of 13, tries to escape to a safe place with her family. As the teenager can't hear the sound released by the aliens, a cult want to make use of her ability to beat the invaded aliens.

Movie released date: 10 September 2018
Runtime: /Country: Canada
Language: English
Cast: Patrick J. Adams/Troian Bellisario
Brief introduction: Isaac Bruno, working as an astronomer, extremely wants to find out the clues about the existence of life in the universe. Because he is too crazy about his work, he pays less attention to his friend's advice, who suggests him to lead a normal life. But Isaac ignores the warning and gets much addicted to the job. One time when Isaac meets an artist, Clara, and they begin to work together to find the data about stellar, for making a huge discovery.

26. White Chamber
Movie released date: Mar 29, 2019
Runtime: 89 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Shauna Macdonald/Oded FehAmrita Acharia/Nicholas Farrell/Sharon Maughan
Brief introduction: Unfortunately, civil war happens in the United Kingdom. The film starts with focusing on a woman, who wakes up in a cuboid cell. She discovers that her situation is dangerous now because she is kidnapped. The kidnapper tortures her, and asks her for the information from her. But the woman just keeps saying that she has no information. So what will happen next? And what information these guys need?

27. See You Yesterday
Movie released date: May 17, 2019
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Cast: Eden Duncan-Smith/Danté Crichlow/Marsha Stephanie Blake/Johnathan Nieves/Myra Lucretia TayloWavyy Jonez/Rayshawn Richardson/Ron Bobb-Semple/Brian "Stro" Bradley
Brief introduction: Two teenagers, who have great talents in scientist, are working hard to complete their latest invention - a traveling backpacks that can enable a time travel. However, unfortunate thing happens. One of these two teenagers is killed. It is a chance to use their invention to save him now.
Watching sci-fi movies sometimes will be surprised by the imagined high technologies invented in the future. It is also a chance for us to imagine how will human's life would be in the remote future. Sic-fi movies are always mind-blowing, and can make people feel excited. This is also the reason for why so many people enjoy watching science fiction movies.
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2019.11.02 07:08 AnnakinWinters This may be an unpopular opinion...

Am I the only one who really didn’t like the romance in Heroes of Olympus? Most of the relationships felt either very forced or unnecessary. The thing that made the books so fun was seeing how different characters can form friendships. Annabeth and Percy made great friends, but there relationship feels like an afterthought like: “Hey! We got one girl main character and a boy main character, obviously they need to date!” Not to mention, being in a permanent relationship with a friend you met at 12 years old is a pretty rare occasion. I feel Ike the romance never let the characters truly grow.
Especially at the end of Heroes of Olympus, It would have been nicer if Leo learned he didn’t need a romantic partner to feel complete and that his friends were the ones truly there for him all along.
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2019.09.25 01:49 ABrokenHeartedWarior My Story.

Sorry I am new to this, I just had to get this off my mind. So I have liked this girl all my life (let's call her Annabeth since I have always associated the two) and even though we were separated at a young age we were most certainly in love. When I returned to the school that I met her she was not there. I was devastated but (barely) managed to push through. The popular girls bullied me and pretended to ask me out as a prank because I was so unpopular. They also laughed at me about Annabeth. This was about the time where the (2016) political problems started happening so the combined two put me into a severe state of fear and depression. After I first left the school I never had more than two friends because I was bouncing around from school to school. Most of them were hyper and unpopular like me. Fast forward to one year later. I was in a friend group wit at least five friends and a few more not in the group. The bullying about this had also started to stop. Our school went on a field trip and one of the popular girls came up to me. She caught me off guard because this hadn't happened for almost a year. She laughed when she told me that Annabeth was coming back next year. The next year comes and she wasn't there. For almost a week I was secretly crying. Then I started recognising someone and I couldn't place who. I soon realized it was her. We did not talk much except for the time we recognised each other. She barely seemed to notice me. At that year's camp there was a surprise dance. I was a "special" student so I could get some help on my assignments and we had a little community. We (the aforementioned comunity) were allowed to skip the dance and most of us did. I thought "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" and even though I did not want to, I went. People were paired up at random and I got there late because I was debating not going. They announced, literally as I stepped out: "Annabeth needs a partner does anyone not have a partner." I was (immedietly) selected and it was a lot of fun. We were both smiling and blushing really hard. Later the next day we sat at the same table and in casual conversation about immortality (you know, as one does) she mentions that she could never be immortal because she has a genetic blood disease that is slowly killing her. Right before winter break my whole group got into a fight. It was me against the leader of the group. I was banished and these kids attacked me. We all went to the principal's office. I was suspended for two days even though the others were just the rest of that day. The admin officially said I could not talk to any members of the group for the rest of the semester. By the time I got back, we were playing a new game I did not understand (for the last two years we had played the same tag-like game) and Annabeth was in the group. I will finish this story soon.
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2019.08.06 17:01 chilly-gin-gins S3E17: A Good Run of Bad Luck Rewatch Discussion

Zoe is convinced that she and Lavon are cursed and the only way to make things right is to fix the past. When Vivian's son asks Wade for some advice, he is happy to help, but not everyone is excited about his methods. After an unplanned encounter, George and Lemon try to avoid each other, but it is more difficult now that they are business partners. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth is getting fed up with one of Brick's patients, Davis, until she learns the real reason behind his ailments.
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2019.05.30 17:12 iannageorge Rick ruined romance for me: Another take

Referencing u/at_midknight’s post
TBH, Rick ruined romance for me too... but in the opposite way. And I was hoping that post was going that direction.
No need to be too outraged. I still like Percy and Annabeth as a couple. But I’m prepared for downvotes. I’ve discussed the issues with the romance in Uncle Rick’s works several times before. IMO:
People shouldn’t need each other. But they can want each other. (It’s “can”, not “should”. It’s “want”, not “need”.)
We don’t need “other halves” and we don’t need someone else to “make our hearts whole”. We are complete individuals and we are whole already, thank you very much. Finding a partner is a plus for those who want it. It is not a necessity.
So, I personally don’t like how Uncle Rick shipped off Leo to Calypso, as though seventh-wheeling was seriously a problem.
I don’t like how Nico and Will got together in basically seconds. Their relationship didn’t even feel like it was real.
I don’t like how Reyna needs someone to fix her heart. It’s honestly this kind of thinking that fuels all those insecure incels who can’t be happy with themselves.
I don’t like how Piper’s idea of the Aphrodite Cabin’s rite of passage (proven—or at least shown—to her by Percy and Annabeth) is that you should make someone else’s heart whole. Is that seriously what you think love is, Pipes? That someone needs to be fixed and that we should fix them?
I don’t like that myth Nico was thinking about in relation to Percy and Annabeth—that people used to have four arms, four legs, four eyes, and whatever before they were split apart and left searching and searching and searching to find their other half. That’s not sweet. That’s codependency.
I don’t like how everyone has to be with someone, especially since these characters are practically kids. They’re seventeen max. Even Tyson has a love interest. He is a child. It’s not that people shouldn’t be in relationships. It’s not that children can’t have crushes. But seriously the proportions are off. How many of y’all are single?
(But wait! There’s more!)
I don’t like how Annabeth felt entitled to Percy in BotL. The dude had every right to have friends, even if he and Rachel did romantically like each other.
I don’t like how Calypso felt entitled to Percy post-TLO. Oh, dear gods. There’s so much here. Where do I start? I don’t like how she was mad at him for something that wasn’t his fault. I don’t like how she thought that he should have basically been at her beck and call. (He didn’t come back for you? Well, that was never his responsibility and he had so many things to do—like, you know, lead a war. And then he disappeared.) I don’t like how her jealous ass got Annabeth cursed. I don’t like how it was never addressed that she had no right to do that and was clearly in the wrong. (TBH, in my a draft of a yet unpublished chapter of one of my fanfics, I straight up call that “incel lunacy”. Just imagine if the genders were flipped. It’d be toxic masculinity.)
I don’t like how Percy didn’t seem to care that Calypso cursed Annabeth (via Percy or not). Even if he felt guilty over Calypso, an actual caring friend/boyfriend does not just brush off something major like that and proceed to hang out with someone so illogical and monstrous and let her kiss his cheek once they meet up again as though nothing’s wrong. How did his guilt over Calypso trump his concern for Annabeth?
Oh, and I don’t like how Frank and Hazel are a thing. He’s 16. She’s 13. What’s that go-to rule? Divide by 2, add 7 to find the minimum age your partner should be for you not to be considered a predator? Well, 16/2+7=15. Yeah, no. She is a child. (Will and Nico might be in this situation too, by the way.)
So, yeah, I don’t like many of Rick’s ideas on romance. So many people have these non-ideal ideals of romance (especially regarding the “other half” stuff); it’s not just him.
But if that’s what romantic love is, I don’t want it.
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